Roots are of critical importance for plant biology because they link below and above ground systems and extract water and nutrients from soil. Identification of root-associated genes, their functions, and their interactions can reveal the physiological and molecular mechanisms that regulate the root growth and development and have the potential to improve crop production. Moreover, in plant biotechnology, synthetic promoters can provide precise spatial and temporal control of transgene expression to improve crop productivity. The information of promoters in root-associated genes help the synthetic biology tool development to generate plants with novel root traits to enhance plant performance.

Therefore, we analyzed multiple types of omics data to identify root-associated genes in maize, soybean, and sorghum and their promoter sequences. For these root-associate genes and their promoter sequences, we constructed this database to provide a pivotal platform capable of stimulating and facilitating further studies on manipulating root growth and development.The current version of the database contains more than 1200 candidates of root-associated genes and their corresponding promoter sequences for maize (592), sorghum (363), and soybean (400).

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