Usage: give us the unbounded structure either by inputing a PDB ID or by uploading a file. For the chain ID, one can input one or more letters. If leave it blank, all chains in the given PDB file will be considered.
Output: The output will be displayed by a web page. The output includes (1) the predicted antigene residues; (2) the color marked PDB file. If one display the PDB file as the B factor color, the residues are colored from red to blue according to the predicted possibility to be an epitope residue.

Download: Please download the training set and test set here: Training Set and Test Set

Citation: S. Liang, D. Zheng, D.M. Standley, B. Yao, M. Zacharias, C. Zhang. EPSVR and EPMeta: prediction of antigenic epitopes using support vector regression and multiple server results. BMC Bioinformatics (2010); 11:381.

This project has been supported by funding under the Sixth Research Framework Programme of the European Union (ref. LSHB-CT-2006-037325)

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